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Actual Installations

These photos are taken by us after our assembly & installation.

Why We’re One of The Best Office Furniture Suppliers

WorkZone Furnishop Design Systems – Office Furniture Supplier. Your modular office design and installation is on us.

Our main goal is to create conducive workplaces that will bring in the maximum productivity and capacity of staff members. We envision to become a leader in the modular office and interior furnishing solutions; that’s why we’re in our constant action to deliver satisfaction through our client-centered designs.

Let us give you some reasons why we’re considered as one of the best office furniture suppliers here in the Philippines:

1. Expertise is on us from the beginning.
Back in the early part of 2011, we began operations as a sister company of Great Links Events Management ( This is a full-service marketing company with wide exposure in event organizing, promotion, and management. They hold exhibits, trade fairs, bazaars, conferences, and corporate events.

2. We lay down quality selection-all of which designed to meet our clients’ specific needs!
We offer wide selections of standard and custom-made designs to accommodate the diverse needs of each business enterprise. Be it furniture for small office cubicles or huge conference rooms, mini reception counters, or fully-functional workstations, we take pride in providing rapid solutions that will address our clients requirements—time, space, and budget being kept in mind!

3. We stay updated on the hottest trends.
We’re keen on what’s in! With our significant experience and background in office design and renovation, project management, architecture, interior design, and building construction, we, together with our partners have our eyes open and ears on the ground for the hottest trends. We surely won’t miss out!

4. We work with the best.
Our expertise has attracted expert clients. Some of the companies we have worked with are Petron, UCE Enterprises, Ateneo De Manila University, Cloud Sherpass, Axiem Corporation, Renaissance Training Center, Procter & Gamble, Aero Training Center, 51Talk, and BASF.

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