Office Cubicles Philippines

3 Things to Consider Before You Install Those Office Cubicles

Before jumping off to call your architect or designer to do the office layout, think about your employees and the tasks that they do as this would seriously affect the way your new office is designed.

While a lot of aspects are involved, the following are of extreme importance in your office layout:


Some departments, like the treasury and finance, and to some degree the purchasing department would have office cubicles with higher walls. The information handled by these departments need some amount of security. Height of the partition panels would ideally be from 150 cm. to 180 cm.

Some offices though with low ceilings would look too crowded with high partition panels. In these cases, you can have lower panels, say 120 cm. You should keep in mind that you should locate these departments toward the rear of the room so as to minimize the amount of passing thru traffic.


If the work of the personnel occupying the cubicle involves a lot coordination with other people, then his cubicle should be located near the department where he goes frequently. The sales department then would be adjacent to the dispatching group.

Grouping people whose work are immediately related will not only guarantee that papers are handled correctly but the time save from the to and fro movements is substantial.


Engineers, architects, programmers and a lot of creative employees would want to have quiet spaces. One way to afford this is to have these guys in cubicles with closed doors. Of course an office with a floor to ceiling wall would be an ideal one. If you find this to be expensive, a partition height of 180 cm would be just enough to fend off the noise clutter of the adjoining departments. You also need to have their office tables and cubicles toward the rear of the room.